Corey Taylor

You may know him by Number 8 or The Great Big Mouth. The vocalist of Slipknot, Corey Taylor, don’t usually to appear without his mask, but when he does… surprise! Beyond the great voice, talent and everything else, he is beautiful. 

So, enjoy the wallpaper here. And fall in love watching this video:


McQueen's new skull

When I tought that Alexander McQueen couldn't be more amazing... Serpent Skull!!

I heart McQueen! You can found more here

The perfect combination: books + cats

Two of my favorite things, cats and books, can be together on the amazing piece created by the designer Corentin Dombrecht. The furniture is a library, with stairs to your kitties play. On the top, a little basket to rest. 

If you ever had a cat you know they love places like libraries. “These are silent places, books have a tendency to keep the warmth, and mice love paper... so, we've found cats hanging around in libraries for centuries”, said the designer on his blog.  

The only disappointment: isn’t available in Brasil. 

More informations here


Double finger ring

After double cuffs, we have double finger ring. Those two are mine:

Some of them can look like gangsta stuff... But I'm addicted to this rings... The next pictures are random from Tumblr: